Lakeside Polo Club Member Dues
2017/18 Season

We are excited to offer a full weekly calendar and more tournaments and clinics at LPC this coming year.  We are a year-round polo facility that offers a unique experience and environment for polo enthusiasts of all ages!  In addition to our grass field we have added a new full-sized lighted polo arena.

We look forward to having you as a part of our club!

The following are the member dues for the 2017/18 polo season:

Grass Memberships
Grass Member (Adult) -  $750/year
Grass Member (Student) - $250/year
Grass Visitor Per Chukker Fee - $15/Chukker

Arena Memberships
Arena Member (Adult) - $600/ year
Arena Member (Student) - $200/year
Arena Visitor Per Chukker Fee - $10/Chukker

Discounted Premium Grass/Arena Joint Membership
Adult - $1,000/year
Student - $350/year

**Members receive discounted rates and priority for Lakeside Polo tournaments and clinics


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